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1936 Bugatti Atlantic Replica Project
RABUGGI - Systems / Wiring

Well, we're now at a stage of tending to various little un-glamorous, un-exciting details of assembly,
harness/wiring, and fixing mistakes that we'll call "Systems / Wiring", and see where it goes...

Gluing rivets
[10-12-15] Gluing in the heads of the important characteristic Atlantic seam rivets...
Including the 64 hood 'rivets' (which are actually #6 screws), there are 818 rivet heads in the RABUGGI flanges.

Battery tray, braces
Battery tray, braces
[11-07-15] The S10 battery tray, braces

Battery tray
[11-07-15] Battery tray will be inside right front fender behind splash shield

S10 vapor canister
[11-09-15] The S10 fuel vapor canister mount, under left front fender behind splash shield

master cyls, reservoirs
[06-08-16] Wilwood brake / clutch master cylinders & remote reservoirs...
Clutch is 3/4" dia.  Front is 13/16", rear is 7/8", fitted as a pair with a balance bar.
It gets a little crowded in here but it all fits and is accessible.

[06-08-16] Wilwood brake / clutch pedals assembly and speedwaymotors.com spoon throttle pedal...
Wilwood cylinders & pedals from Summitracing.com or Speedwaymotors.com.

WS wiper torque bkt WS wiper torque bkt
[06-08-16] Windshield wiper motor torque reaction brackets...
These 12v, single speed, 90 deg. sweep, integral switch units are from Speedwaymotors.com.

WS wiper motor mt.
[06-08-16] Windshield wiper motor mounted with torque reaction bracket

under dash harness
[06-20-16] Beginning of sorting, adapting, fitting the donor S10 wiring harnesses - hmmm - not pretty

S10 ECU mount
[06-20-16] The donor S10 ECM and DRAC module mounted on right firewall

[06-30-16] Firewall connector from donor S10...
WIRES! -- This job is not very glamorous, but needs to be tackled.

to front lights
[06-30-16] stringing wires to front lights, extending, securing, covering

hdlight connectors
[06-30-16] Right side headlight spade connectors

hdlight wire cover
[06-30-16] Right side headlight wires, dressed with split-loom

pk lt connectors
[06-30-16] Right side parking/turn light bullet connectors

pk lt wire cover
[06-30-16] Right side parking/turn light wires, dressed with split-loom

R park/turn light
[06-30-16] Right side bullet park/turn light on top of the fender, in the spirit of Atlantic #57374

rear harness
[07-09-16] Adapting the donor S10 rear wiring harness

tail light wires
[07-09-16] Wires and bullet connectors for the Lucas 488 tail/brake/turn lights

rear lights harness
[07-11-16] Bullet connectors for tail/stop lights harness

rear lights harness
[07-11-16] Tail light harness, dressed

rear lights harness
[07-11-16] License and backup lights harness, dressed

rear lights
[07-19-16] The Lucas 488 tail/stop/turn lights look pretty correct.

dash harness
[07-19-16] On to the donor S10 under dash panel harness...
Ugh! We need to adapt this mess to our panel and switch layout.

st. wheel switches
[07-19-16] Donor S10 steering column & switches...
Retrieve and adapt the turn/flasher, headlight dimmer, and ignition switches.

panel, switches, parts
[08-20-16] Family portrait of all the switches, adapters, and parts from the last month or so...
The birch panel stained mahogany looks about right, but has some visible defects and may be done over.

panel, assembled, back
panel, assembled, front
[08-21-16] Dash panel assembled with most of the adapted parts & switches...
Back side -- Front side

under cowl harness - dressed
[08-21-16] Under cowl harness dressed and ready for plugging in to the assembled dash panel

panel - installed, connected
[08-24-16] Dash panel, switches, cluster, installed and connected

lights on test
[08-24-16] First electrical checks -- lights-on!

[09-05-16] First Engine Start-up...
This is kind of a big deal after a week of frustration with some stuff not working right.

[09-12-16] Quick & dirty toe-in check...

DRAC board, jumpers
[01-20-17] The donor '91 S10 DRAC board with O.E. jumper configuration (1000100)

Recalling from the Wheels/Tires page, RABUGGI's 235/50 R18 tires are nearly 5% larger in rolling radius than the OE 195/75 R14 tires of the '91 S10 donor. This would make the speedometer read 5% LOW, ie: at an indicated 55 mph, we would be actually going 58 mph. However, the G.M. DRAC (Digital Ratio Adapter Controller) can be recalibrated by adding/deleting some jumper wires on its circuit board. This site, VSSB DRAC Calibration, appears to be a credble reference for the Input Ratio /Jumper scheme for executing this recalibration.

The above site's calculator is doing this calculation

Formula - units labeled

for an "Input Ratio", a function of the axle ratio and tire circumference (in/rev). The jumper settings can then be read from a provided look-up table (of uncited origin).

DRAC - rev. jumpers DRAC case label
[01-21-17] The '91 S10 DRAC board with the recalibration jumper configuration (1001011)...
DRAC case with a recalibration iinformation label...
We can verify the speedometer against a GPS when decent weather returns to Wisconsin.

In the context of speed and speedometer, we'll add this little RPM calculator, a function of tire diameter, gear rartios and vehicle speed. Default values are RABUGGI's (with the '91 S10 donor's T-5 transmission and GT4 3.73 axle).
RPM vs. vehicle speed, MPH
Tire dia.
Axle ratio
Gear Ratio RPM
RPM-MPH graph

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