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1936 Bugatti Atlantic Replica Project
RABUGGI - Body Patterns

Here's an image of a professional high quality 57SC replica fabricated in the UK [Crailville Coachbuilders] that uses an ash wood frame for an aluminum body. Our master buck starts out looking somewhat reminiscent of this (but pine, plywood, Masonite, and plaster; not ash). The buck model will be destroyed after pulling the molds, so quick and cheap are good. Pretty and durable are not required.

The GIF below, reduced from the Concept Layout [339K PDF], is of our starting point body views made from the basic 57SC dimensions, a 1936 Type 57S chassis blueprint, and photos from the web.

RABUGGI Profiles

> > > Continuing progress from the Donor/Chassis Page...

floorboard modeling start
[10-10-08] A start on the firewall/tunnel/floorboard modeling

floorboard modeling - spring
[06-02-09] Floorboard modeling progress picking back up

floorboard model filling
[07-02-09] Floorboard modeling: fill-sand-fill-sand ad nauseam
(The bucket by the left rear will form a fuel filler neck passage.)

floorboard model gloss enamel
[07-13-09] Floorboard modeling - primer to seal wood & plaster, then a coat of gloss enamel

floorboard glassing
[08-31-09] Piecing / fitting glass cloth hand layup...
gelcoat, 1.5 oz. (per sq. ft.) mat, 4 general layers 10 oz. (per sq. yd.) E-glass cloth,
plus up to 7 extra layers cloth in high load areas (~0.019 in. thickness per layer)

floorboard programmed layup
[09-22-09] Floorboard programmed layup reference diagram

floorboard - finished
[10-01-09] The finished 65 lb. fiberglass floorboard -- a big step here...
The stiffeners across the back are formed by 2 in. mailing tubes cut in half.
The access holes and covers are for the clutch slave and fuel tank hoses.
The handbrake lever (from a Jeep Grand Cherokee) washers and nut plates are epoxied in place.
The brake/clutch pedal mount is getting some bracket weldments to react pedal loads to the bottom of the firewall.

donor belts, retractors
[10-27-09] Ha! The donor S10 belts & retractors look like they'll work out OK here.
The .125 in. steel doublers & nutplates are typical for the attachment hard points.
We're bonding them to the walls with a single part moisture curing polyurethane adhesive.

body model - start
[06-04-10] Start of the body shell model - center spine profile coordinate system

wheel wells
[06-23-10] Center profile & wheel well forms

model - ribs
[07-08-10] Cutting and fitting ribs for body model form... The Atlantic shape is just starting to be recognizable.

W.S. frame forms
side window frame forms
[08-15-10] Little pieces, one at a time, to generate the shape

window forms
[09-01-10] Window frame forms further hint at the shape.

skinning the form
[09-05-10] Skinning the model form with 1/8" tempered Masonite. The sides pulled down to the moderate compound curve in one piece.

skinning the form
[09-10-10] More skinning... 2 in. and 1 in. strips of tempered Masonite to get the
compound curve surface of la goutte d'eau (water drop) Atlantic shape.

skinning finished
[09-23-10] Skinning about done, ready for a lot of sanding, filling, smoothing, prepping for laying-up the fiberglass mold halves (next spring).
The little triangular "notches" near the tail are to form vertical indexing contact spots
with the floorboard when we bond body shell and floorboard together later.

wheel well filling windshield base filling
[10-29-10] Filling the wheel well fillets and windshield base fillets

body model - fill/sand
[06-02-11] Body model - fill/sand, fill/sand, fill/sand...

fill/sand, fill/sand
[08-01-11] Body model - prime, fill/sand, prime, fill/sand...

W.S. insert form
[08-23-11] The brown masonite pieces are "fences" for shaping a mold insert to be able to pull the front window
frames forward and up while the main body halves pull to the side. The windshield frame insert "fence" is glued to
the model with silicone RTV, hopefully a temporary bond for when we need to pull the fence and insert off of the model.

Door cut-out scribe line
[08-23-11] The cut-out lines for the doors, rear windows, round hatch, and spine profile
are laid-out by the coordinate grid and scribed into the model surface.

(Progress on this part continues on the Body Molds Page. > > >)

Rear fender start
[08-07-13] Start of the rear fender patterns (ribs) being fabricated right on the body

Rear fender skinning
[08-12-13] Skinning the sides of the rear fender patterns

Rear fender strips
[08-24-13] Skinning the curvaceous tops of the rear fender patterns

Rear fender flanges
[09-21-13] Fitting and gluing on the forms for the Atlantic fender flange/seams

r. fend. pattern pattern coat of primer
[09-25-13] Patterns off the body for finsh fill sand... [10-01-13] Seal coat of sanding primer on fender patterns

r. fender patterns - gloss
[10-29-13] Patterns with a little enamel to try to get some gloss on the molds... hasn't worked yet but we keep trying. :-0
These are ready for lay up of molds NEXT SPRING.

(Progress on this part continues on the Body Molds Page. > > >)

Front fender start
[07-17-14] Start of the front fender patterns

Front fender plywood
[08-11-14] Establishing the intersection of the "wings" with the "pontoons"

Front fender bracing
[08-11-14] Makeshift brace structure in between

Front fender wings - side
Front fender wings - front
[08-14-14] Skinning the "wings" with masonite sheet

Front fender plywood ribs
[08-30-14] Establishing the form (section and profile) from the drawing coordinates with plywood ribs

Front fender side skins
[08-30-14] More masonite skinning on sides

Front fender skin stripping
[09-09-14] Starting to skin the voluptuous "pontoon" curves with masonite strips...
Yes, our pontoon tops are a little wider than a correct Atlantic shape in order to assure jounce
clearance at full lock for the wider tires, which were a choice made at inception.

More skin strips
[10-02-14] Still fitting masonite skin strips; straight and various curved

Filling low spots with plaster
Filling low spots with plaster
[10-13-14] Starting the sanding down of the high spots and filling of the low spots

rivet seam flange forms
[10-24-14] Gluing on some carefully profiled Masonite forms for the Atlantic rivet flange feature...
Yes, there's a coat of varnish to seal and harden-up the surface of the soft materials we're using here.

steering gearbox bulges
[10-28-14] Little dome shaped bulges for the S10 steering gear box clearance...
The front porch light spherical glass globe was sacrificed as a form for glassing up this shape. :-0

The S10 steering gearbox interference with the Atlantic fender "wing" front shape was a known issue at inception.
This is the chosen solution (slightly altered shape, and some little hemispherical bulges).

patterns off of the car
[11-03-14] Patterns removed from the car, allowing completion of the front "wing" skins
and filling / sanding / sealing / tweaking the inboard surfaces

patterns - final tweaking
patterns - coat of sanding primer
[04-14-15] Final blending / tweaking, and a coat of sanding primer...
These are getting close to ready for laying resin and glass for molds when spring gets warm enough.

fences   fences
[04-28-15] Fitted Masonite "fences" to split the inboard molds into two parts with
bolt together flanges so that it will be possible to remove the final part from the mold

(Progress on this part continues on the Body Molds Page. > > >)

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