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1936 Bugatti Atlantic Replica Project
RABUGGI - Interior Details

leather boots leather boots
[04-25-16] Adapting / fitting some nice leather shift & brake handle boots intended for an '02 Subaru Forester

forming door upper panels
[04-25-16] Using the doors (covered with some plastic wrap) to form fiberglass upper door trim panels

door inner trim panels
[06-08-16] Door inner trim panels (not covered yet), leather strap pull-to handles

door upper trim panels door upper trim panels
[06-08-16] Door upper trim panels & pull-in latches

door lower dead bolt
[06-08-16] Secondary door bolts - lower...
We sure don't want those suicide doors coming open!

S10 rear view mirror
[06-08-16] The donor S10 rear view mirror mounts up pretty clean.

side view mirror
[06-08-16] side view mirrors on doors...
The speedwaymotors.com stainless steel swan neck mirrors (L & R) have a nice period-correct appearance.

hatch lock remote cable
[06-20-16] Rear hatch lock bolts with remote control cables (right side shown)

hatch lock bolt assembly
[06-20-16] Rear hatch lock bolt right side close-up...
This is not so much for security as it is a preventer of the hatch lifting the
little spring loaded hook hold-down and becoming a frisbee at 60 mph.

upholstered inner door panel
upholstered inner hatch panel
[12-21-16] Padded vinyl upholstered door and hatch interior panels...
Upholstery work by Adam at Reynebeau Upholstery, Appleton, WI.

spare wheel mount parts
[01-04-17] We'd better at least have a provision for a temporary spare wheel mounting.

spare wheel mount
[02-20-17] Spare wheel mount scheme in place on back floor

spare wheel, mounted
[02-20-17] Compact spare in place...
This hardware is really clunky, awkward, big, and heavy. The S10 jack doesn't fit as
expected in the wheel dish for stowage. The jury's out whether we'll actually use this set-up.

panel labels
[03-13-17] Dash panel switch label "tiles" and a RABUGGI badge for a toolbox...
Process is same as for the radiator shell badge (except without the bending step).
Labels are not correct for an Atlantic, but are a concession to modern convention.

panel labels - installed
[03-28-17] Dash panel labels in place

toolbox bolted in place
[03-28-17] Polypropylene toolbox bolted in place instead of the compact spare & mounting hardware above...
Box can secure things like a small electric compressor and string patch kit. ...or cheese and wine

headliner form 1
new[08-13-17] Using the body cabin molds to glass up a headliner form

headliner form 2
new[08-14-17] Headliner form filled and rough trimmed

headliner form 3
new[10-10-17] Headliner form final trim & fit

headliner form 3
new[10-10-17] Headliner form screwed in place (no cloth yet)
NO tricky hidden fasteners... Screws and finishing washers are just fine.

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