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1936 Bugatti Atlantic Replica Project
RABUGGI - Glazing / Finishing

[10-03-16] First trial in driveway...
Do some basic checks while waiting for the state to respond to application for Hobbyist registration and plates.

side window latch detail
[10-13-16] Side window latch detail...
Trying to replicate the Atlantic "vent pane" window style.

Laminated safety glass windshield panes
[11-26-16] Installing the re-sized laminated safety glass windshield panes
(from Tri-City Glass) with extruded gasket #60-0133-99 from Steel Rubber

Right one in, left one ready
[11-26-16] Right pane is in; left one ready for the soapy string.

VIN tag on door jamb
VIN tag bracket epoxied
[12-16-16] State issued VIN tag, mounted on door jamb with an epoxy bonded aluminum bracket...
This is a small but very significant step. [History of this Hobbyist registration application]

windshield VIN sticker
[12-16-16] A state issued windshield decal advises that "A Wisconsin
V.I.N. has been assigned and is located on the driver door jamb."

Vent-pane stay, closed Vent-pane stay, open
[02-20-17] Side window vent-pane scissor-stays -- closed / open

RABUGGI, waiting
[02-20-17] RABUGGI, wearng his spiffy new license plates, waiting
patiently for some decent weather for shakedown on the road

[02-22-17] RABUGGI's first road trial!...
An uncommonly beautiful February day presents an opportunity for some initial shakedown and impressions.
  • No bad surprises; all is pretty much as expected. Ride is firm and a little jarring over RR. tracks.
  • Non-power steering is slow but light. With non-power brakes the pedal pressure is stout.
  • The DRAC speedometer recalibration (verified with a GPS) is good, about 1% optimistic.
  • At the present state with no sound blanket, carpet, or headliner, there is a noticeable level of road noise, tire noise, and some "clunking" sounds with road surface anomalies.
  • Engine and exhaust sound is pretty subdued inside the car, less sound than expected.
  • The buzzing/whooshing noise in the video is more pronounced than in real-time. It may be wind noise from open side windows that the camera's mic accentuates.
  • The steering centering torque was not very strong, almost to the point of requiring driver's help returning to straight from a slow tight turn. Might be a caster adjustment issue. A professional alignment will be down the road shortly.
  • Steering dynamic response at highway speed feels stable, tight, and pleasant.
  • Yeah, the steering wheel center/straight position needs to be re-indexed.
out and about 1 out and about 2
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[02-23-17] Another unseasonably nice February day, out and about, road legal...
These are the first pictures not in the garage or driveway (!!). Backdrop is a still frozen Lake Winnebago.

[03-28-17] Some more shakedown activity -- givng rides to friends of RABUGGI...

Simulated heater hose circuit
[04-05-17] Since the plan is not to bother with a heater/defroster for a fair weather toy, we initially simply plugged off the heater hose circuit. It seems that the heater circuit is an integral part of the S10 cooling system. Blocking it off defeats the intake manifold warming flow and cold start driveability. Soooo, this image shows a simulated heater circuit hose to provide flow through the intake manifold like O.E.

This improved the cold start-up engine running; but this circuit, at least in 40F ambient, cooled the whole system so much that it never gets up to temp. Chatting with some techie friends at breakfast Saturday morning led to a forehead smacking realization that the heater circuit return fitting was in a wrong place in the radiator I had made 10 years ago. It's one of those blindingly obvious mistakes that turn invisible after looking at it for a long time.

Radiator plan
S10 radiator - ref.
In my defense, there was a "boobytrap" there when replacing the S10 short wide cross-flow radiator with a tall narrow down-flow unit in determining the location of a heater return fitting. The original location was roughly copied, not paying attention that it is no longer in the cold tank. :-0

Heater hose to T
Heater hose to T
[04-13-17] The "heater hose" circuit is now returning to a T-fitting in the lower radiator hose (to the water pump).
This is much better, although it still runs a little cool (~170F). Hmmm? ...better than too hot.

hoist lower release
new[06-09-17] Disassembling the body parts for the finish paint...
This is the main body cabin being chain hoisted off of the rolling chassis.

Body - explosed view
new[06-13-17] The body components, completely disassembled for a paint job...
1,213 miles and three months of road-use shakedown, adjusting, tweaking (and a couple
little car shows), instills some confidence that RABUGGI is satisfactory to proceed to finsih painting.

loading trailer unloading
new[07-07-17] Loading, trailering, unloading the body parts to the paint shop, Geiger Auto, Inc....

Body in grey primer
new[09-06-17] At the body shop, painting prep in progress -- sanding grey primer

Body in base coat
new[09-19-17] In the spray booth, painting progressing with the base coat...
Paint color is '63 - '64 Corvette Silver Blue, GM Code WA2973

new[09-21-17 to 11-11-17] Slideshow: Re-assembly of painted body parts

Gallery of Pictures of Painted RABUGGI out and about 11-12-17

[Click for full resolution image, typically 1.1MB each.]

The Period Appropriate Backgrounds
  • Former C&NW rail depot / freight house on Broad Street
  • The Waters on Winnebago shore (Oshkosh Yacht Club)
  • The Winnebago shore at east end of Murdock Avenue
  • Oshkosh Northwestern building on Waugoo Avenue
  • 1929 Oshkosh Post Office, 219 Washington Avenue
  • The brick side wall of a building at 103 High Avenue

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