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RABUGGI - Body Molds

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> > > Continuing progress from the Body Patterns Page...

WS frame mold insert
[08-30-11] Front fwd/up mold inserts are popped loose but are getting a little stiffening/bracing.

main halves mold lay-up
[09-05-11] Ooooo! Lay-up started on main body mold halves.

body mold 1
body mold 2
[09-15-11] Main body mold right half, just popped off the pattern...
The white is plaster filler from the model that stuck better to the mold than to the model.
There's always some rework and repair to be done.

body mold outside 1
body mold outside 2
body mold inside
[10-04-11] Main body mold left half, with stiffeners & "feet", assembled with windshield insert... 52 lbs.
There's still filling and repair to do on the gelcoat (nicks, bubbles, and some alligatoring).

pattern scrap pile
[10-06-11] Demolishing and scrapping the body pattern...

(Progress on main body halves continues on the Body Parts Page. > > >)

Rear fender molds start
[05-21-14] Rear fender molds lay-up start... orange tooling gelcoat & random mat

Rear fender molds
[05-29-14] Rear fender molds stiffening edges... about ready to pry off patterns

Rear fender molds off patterns
[06-02-14] Rear fender molds popped off of patterns... Patterns and all that labor are now JUNK.

Rear fender molds re-work
[06-05-14] Rear fender mold - typical fill/sand repair of some small voids and "alligatoring" in the gelcoat

(Progress on rear fenders continues on the Body Parts Page. > > >)

Front fender molds lay-up - outboard
Front fender molds lay-up - inboard
Front fender molds lay-up - inboard
[05-19-15] Front fender molds lay-up start; orange tooling gelcoat, random mat, & two layers 10 oz. cloth...
You can see the the flanges for the split inboard molds. (The little Masonite forms are already removed here.)

Front fender molds progressing - inboard
Front fender molds progressing - outboard
[05-31-15] Front fender molds lay-up progressing; stiffeners & more layers of 10 oz. cloth

Front fender molds popped off pattern
[06-02-15] Front fender molds popped off of the patterns, ready for clean-up of some
plaster filler from the patterns and repair of some alligatored spots in the gelcoat

Demolishing front fender patterns
[06-08-15] Demolishing the front fender patterns...
All that labor is now TRASH now that the shape is captured in the molds.

Molds - waxed and ready
[06-25-15] Front fender molds - all repaired, assembled, waxed and ready for lay-up of fenders

(Progress on this part continues on the Body Parts Page. > > >)

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