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The most recent progress and gallery of images is on the [Glazing/Finishing] page.

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First, here are some informational links about Bugatti Atlantic, the object of this replica project...

An original 57SC Atlantic-LF An original 57SC Atlantic-R An original 57SC Atlantic-LR
An original Bugatti Atlantic at Road America (Elkhart Lake, WI), Sept. 17, 2005 - one of two surviving
*** This is not the project car. This is an original that we are striving to emulate. ***

Some stumbling around on the web led to the realization that a Chevrolet S10 pickup 2WD long bed is a very close match for the wheelbase and track dimensions of the Atlantic. This ubiquitous Chevrolet model would be a suitable chassis donor for a project car.

  '36 Bugatti Type 57SC: S = "surbaissé" (lowered),  C = "compresseur" (supercharged)
  * Wheelbase: 117.3 in.     * Track: 53.1 in.     * Weight: 2101 lb.     * Wheels: F 18 x 5.5 in., R 18 x 6.5 in.  

  Chevrolet S10 Pickup:
  * short (72.8") bed = 108.3 in. wb.     * long (88.8") bed = 117.9 in. wb.     * extended cab = 122.9 in. wb. 
  * track, f / r (in.):  '82-'93: 54.1 / 54.1     '94-'04: 54.5 / 54.6

The Concept:

[09-26-05] Use an S10 donor vehicle chassis lowered the ~3 in. required using commonly available "sport truck" drop components, with a fiberglass/polyester body and 18 in. wire wheels. The S10 radiator, engine, and transmission mounting will be relocated rearward ~33.5 in. We'll accept deviations from a true replica, such as left hand drive, modern tires, deviation as required in steering box area, and the obviously non-authentic chassis. The S10 donor four cylinder and five speed are just fine; this is not a "supercharged drag racer/hot rod" project. Interior components are to be in the spirit of the original, but not necessarily authentic replication. This is intended to be a serious copy in proportion, size, and line, but will not be a "concours quality" exactly correct replica.
Concept Layout
1 in.=10 in. [322K PDF]
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SketchUp 3D Computer Model
Task / Time Chart [206K GIF] Curb Weight Estimate
Materials & Source List 57S Chassis Blueprint 1936 [202K GIF]

[Wisconsin DOT Hobbyist/Replica Registration Application sequence]

newFor techies or serious RABUGGI followers only --
Here's a directory of drawings, notes, and data accumulated over the course of the project.
Explore this dark archive of cryptically named files (mostly .pdf) at your own risk of boredom.

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