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1936 Bugatti Atlantic Replica Project
RABUGGI - 3D Computer Model

You can download a SketchUp (.skp) file that can be viewed (orbit, pan, zoom) with

  • SketchUp Viewer (Mac or Win), a free program for viewing only; or, with

  • SketchUp - Make (Mac or Win), a free and powerful 3D modeling / editing progam.

skp Download: RABUGGI-v3m.skp
[8.1 MB file: ~71 sec. @ DSL speed of 1.024 Mbps] 
zip Download: RABUGGI-v3m.skp.zip (smaller download, un-zips to same .skp file as above)
[3.1 MB file: ~26 sec. @ DSL speed of 1.024 Mbps] 

Below are 2D exports (JPEG) of views from the SketchUp 3D model of RABUGGI...

left front quarter

left side

left rear quarter

left rear quarter



paint exploded

RABUGGI chassis in a browser based 3D viewer by Sketchfab...

RABUGGI chassis by tbob on Sketchfab. [Click & drag to orbit. Shift-click & drag to pan. Scroll to zoom.]

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