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> > > Continuing progress from the Body Molds Page...

Body half coming out of mold
[06-11-12] Body half - raw part coming out of the mold

Body half - rough trimmed - inside
[06-11-12] Body half - rough trimmed - inside

Body half - rough trimmed - outside
[06-11-12] Body half - rough trimmed - outside

Doorframe forms glue-up
[06-18-12] Lying back in the molds to stabilize the shape, glueing up doorframe and door stiffener forms

Glassing door frames 1
Glassing door frames 2
[07-09-12] Rear windows frame/form and glassing up doorframe forms

Door, r. windows, hatch - cut out
[07-12-12] PHOTO OP: Doors, hatch, rear windows cut out of the (until now) monolithic body shell halves

Door seal sample check Section diagram of weatherstrip scheme
[08-02-12] 1) Door seal lip close-up and fit check of a sample weatherstrip piece
2) Section diagram of the door push-on weatherstrip scheme

Right body half placed on floorboard
[08-02-12] Right body half placed on foorboard to check and fine tune trim and fit

Body halves being glued together
[08-02-12] Body halves pinned and being glued together at center flange -- a big step here...
The flanges, cowl to firewall lip, and rocker lap are being bonded with a single part moisture curing polyurethane adhesive.
The butt joint of the floorboards to body sides will be filleted with ~3 strips of 10 oz. cloth top & bottom.

Shoulder strap attach hard-point plates
[08-11-12] Shoulder strap attach hard-point plates...
12 ga. steel plate 24 sq. in. bonding surface should give shear strength equivalent to bolt,
webbing, and a 30G deceleration with a 225 lb. passenger (split between the three attach points).
They're curved to mate intimately to the contour of the inside of the body shells (L & R) behind the door frames.

bonded body coming off chassis
[08-12-12] Bonded body/floorboard coming off chassis

body lying on side on floor
[08-15-12] Body lying on side on floor for further glassing of bottom of floor/body joint,
and starting the patching of those ugly gel-coat voids & blisters...

filler neck duct start
[08-15-12] Filler neck duct forming... This is why we save stuff like old plastic buckets.

filler neck duct form filler neck duct half filler neck tunnel
[08-29-12] Filler neck tunnel...
PVC pipe makes a good form for some fiberglass clamshells.
One half trimmed and in place...
both halves assembled -- will contain fuel filler neck, pipe, vent, ground wire

rear hatch latch
[10-01-12] Rear hatch fit-up & latch

hatch latch sketch hatch latch parts
hatch latch topside hatch latch bottom
[10-01-12] Rear hatch latch detail

cowl vent gutter pattern
[10-01-12] Cowl vent scupper pattern

scuppers - trimmed vent cut-outs, scuppers
clamp, glue scuppers glue scuppers - inside
[10-10-12] Scuppers - trimmed, cowl vent cut-outs, scuppers fitted, clamped & glued in place

cowl vent hinges
[11-10-12] Cowl vent hinges

cowl vent control linkage
[11-10-12] Cowl vent control linkage parts (left)...
Ugh!... so much labor; so little relevance.

vent control - mounted
[11-10-12] Cowl vent control (left) assembled on instrument panel bracket

vent control & knob
[11-10-12] Cowl vent control & mahogany knob

Instrument panel - version 1
[11-13-12] This instrument panel, with the donor S10 instrument cluster, is considered a version 1.
It's intended to facilitate (when the time comes) plugging in the S10 electrical harness to as much
original connectors, sensors, instruments, etc. as possible to assure that everything is working as
on the donor vehicle before fitting more "Atlantic looking" instruments in a version 2 panel.

fuel filler cap cover cap cover with S10 cap & filler neck
[11-13-12] Turned aluminum "Atlantic style" fuel filler cap glued to S10 cap with a bezel & the S10 filler neck

side window hinges
[03-18-13] Side window templates and hinge detail development

window templates
[04-08-13] Window templates ready to go to Tri-City Glass, Appleton, WI

door hinge models and parts
[04-08-13] Door hinges - Masonite, PVC pipe, & hot melt glue check models, and cut steel parts ready for welding up

door hinge fit-up door hinge - unfinished
[04-27-13] Door hinges... with long straight rod to assure alignment of axis while fitting up

WSW arm bushings
[04-30-13] Bonding in the windshield wiper arm bushings

door latch parts
[05-08-13] Fabricated door latch mounts & striker plates...
The "universal door latches" and exterior chrome handles are from Speedway Motors.
The exterior handles are intended for something like a T-bucket, with square vertical door edges.
The Atlantic's front door edges are swept at about 45°, so we needed to re-index
the square shaft by that much so the handle is not drooping at an odd angle.

door latches fit-up
[05-08-13] Door latches, plates, & strikers fit-up

exterior door handles fit-up
[05-08-13] Exterior door handles fit-up

door snubber - outside door snubber - inside
[05-16-13] Door snubbers... slider & link fit-up

Rear fenders - mat
[06-09-14] Rear fender layup start - white gelcoat, layer of 1.5 oz. (per sq. ft.) mat

Rear fenders - cloth
[06-11-14] Rear fender layup - 1st layer of 10 oz. (per sq. yd.) cloth

Rear fenders - inbd - raw
[06-19-14] Rear fenders, inboard, raw, popped out of the molds

Rear fenders - outbd - raw
[06-20-14] Rear fenders, outboard, raw, popped out of the molds

Rear fenders - bonding
Rear fenders - bonding
[06-24-14] Rear fenders - inboard, outboard being bonded with PL polyurethane...
(The inboard fender halves bolted to the body by themselves before the clamping up and bonding was a missed photo opportunity.)

Rear fenders - stiffeners
Rear fenders - stiffeners
[06-28-14] Rear fenders - adding inner stiffeners...
The grey "half-tube" is polyethylene foam pipe insulation from the hardware store plumbing section, cut in two lengthwise.
It's cheap, light, flexible, can be cut with scissors and glued in place with a few dabs of hot-melt glue.
Note that the foam "half-tube" is not the stiffener itself, but is an easy to work shape-form onto which
we can lay a few layers of resin and fiberglass cloth to make the actual (hollow) stiffener section.

Rear fenders - stiffeners
[07-03-14] Rear fenders - trimmed, inner stiffeners in place with four layers of 10 oz. cloth

Rear fender- liner
[07-10-14] Rear fenders - black polypropylene liner / stone shield / brace...
0.187” black polypropylene plate from Onlinemetals.com .

Rear fender- assemb
Rear fender- assemb
Rear fender- assemb
Rear fender- assemb
[07-10-14] Rear fenders - drilled, filled, sanded, w/ tail light mount holes, assembled on body (until paint time)...
Fit-up is excellent!
Knowledgeable viewers may notice here that the "beetle tail" is a little flatter and wider than a correct Atlantic
shape. This was accepted to accomodate the width of the S10 donor frame at the rear leaf spring shackles.

bumperettes - cut blanks
[10-29-14] Front "bumperettes" blanked out of 3 x 2 x 11 ga. (.120) A513 rectangular steel tube

bumperettes on 3D model rendering
[10-29-14] No, this is not correct for an Atlantic, but it is our chosen work-around
for the donor S10 frame rails protruding forward of the front fender wings.
We'll make the frame rails look like they belong there with some little chrome bumperettes.

bumperettes - slit & vee'd for bending
[11-04-14] Bumperette blanks slit & vee'd for bending and welding

bumperettes - with faces formed to a radius
[11-06-14] Bumperettes with the front faces formed to a radius (big vice, big hammer)...
The clamps are just pulling in the springback for tack welding.

bumperettes - partially (sides) welded
[11-08-14] Bumperettes - partially (sides) welded

bumperettes - welded, smoothed
[11-09-14] Bumperettes - welded and ground

bumperettes - with mtg. tabs, smoothed
[11-20-14] Bumperettes - with mounting tabs, sanded and smoothed some more;
ready to take up to The Chrome Shop in Menasha, WI

bumperettes - chromed
[01-19-15] Bumperettes - back from The Chrome Shop... Oooooooo! Bling!

Front fender inboard mat layup
[07-03-15] Front fenders layup start -- gelcoat, and layer of mat going on (inboard)...

Front fender outboard cloth layup
[07-12-15] Front fenders layup start -- gelcoat, layer of mat, and some layers of cloth going on (outboard)

Inboard front fender popping out of mold
[07-21-15] Left inboard front fender (white) coming out of mold (orange)

Front fender - inboard -raw
[07-21-15] Left inboard front fender - raw, out of mold

Front fender parts - rough trimmed
[07-21-15] Front fender parts - rough trimmed

Front fenders - trimming
[07-26-15] Front fenders - fitting, trimming

Front fender headlight hole layout
[08-10-15] Front fender headlight hole layout...
Note the popcorn bowl form for the glass headlight pocket pieces.

Front fender headlight holes cut out
[08-11-15] Front fender headlight holes cut out

Front fender headlight pockets
[08-13-15] Headlight pockets getting glassed in place

Front fender headlight trial fit
[08-13-15] Front fender headlight trial fit (left side needs some adjusting)...
The reproduction '34 Ford 9.25" dia. headlights from Speedwaymotors.com have a good period correct look for an Atlantic.

L. headlight mount fix
[08-20-15] Left headlight mount leveling with some complementary beveled washers

Outer front fender stiffeners
[08-25-15] Bonded fender side brace attach point, and adding some outer fender panel stiffeners

clamping-bonding frt. fenders
[09-12-15] Clamping & bonding the front fender halves together

sanding fenders - photo op
[09-15-15] Sanding on the front fenders -- Ooooo -- good photo op...
This is finally starting to look serious.

Front 'apron'
[10-14-15] Front "apron" to finish off betwen the front fenders

sanding fenders - photo op
[10-14-15] Front "apron" in place... Not quite correct for an Atlantic; but this, along with the truncated
radiator shell is our chosen work-around to accommodate the S10 frame front cross member.

Polypropylene splash shield
[10-20-15] Black polypropylene front fender splash shield...
0.187” polypropylene plate is from Onlinemetals.com .

Splash shield screws to the fender brace bar
[10-20-15] Front splash shield screws to the hoizontal fender brace bar; and an aluminum bonded tab at top (not visible).

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